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Making Progress with Friends

Learn about your pelvic floor with other moms in a fun, safe and open environment.

Pelvic Floor Courses & Events

Learn more about your pelvic floor. No matter where you are in the journey of motherdom we've got you covered with online prenatal and postnatal courses or in-person workshops that cover birth through postpartum.


MAMAs-2-b Foundations


Mamas Foundations


Are you pregnant and interested learning more about just how much your pelvic floor does for you?  Not sure if you're doing the 'right' thing for your pelvic floor muscles? This comprehensive 5-week live online course builds the foundation for a confident pregnancy and birth.

Have you given birth and trying to understand your post-baby body? Do you have trouble getting to the bathroom on time, issues with constipation or pain with sex? After this comprehensive 5-week live online course you will have the tools to strengthen your pelvic floor health for postpartum and beyond.




How Pregnancy and Birth Change Your Physiology: Body

 Discover how baby changes your body and get to know how to stand, move and groove again, no matter where you are on your mama journey. This in-person 2-hr workshop gives you the tools to move easier and become more confident in your pelvic health.


How Pregnancy and Birth Change Your Physiology: Bowel and Bladder

Baby sometimes remodels your 'downstairs'. Discover the tools to fix that leaky faucet and that clogged drain. Good for both mamas and mamas-to-be, this in-person 2-hr workshop gives you the confidence and know-how to improve your

bowel and bladder health today.

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How Pregnancy and Birth Change Your Physiology: Sex

Concerned how pregnancy and birth can change your sex life? Come learn about the ins and outs (pun intended) and tools to help bring your sexy back. Good for both mamas and mamas-to-be, this in-person 2-hour workshop provides the knowledge and strategies to support your 

sexual and pelvic health.





Pregnant women sitting on mats touching their bumps

Better Birth Prep Workshop

Are you pregnant? Not sure what you should do when it comes to the 'giving birth' part. This in-person 2-hour workshop provides research-supported tools to help support your pelvic floor during birth and postpartum.



Not your Mama's Q&A

Have some questions about 'down there' but don't know where to start?Join us for a friendly and informative 1-hour discussion about pelvic health and mama-hood. Get honest and accurate information about pelvic wellness.



Buy both MAMAs Foundation courses for €499

Purchase both the MAMAs-2-B and MAMAs Foundation courses today and save

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