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Making Progress Together

Get personalized coaching to address what is most important to you.  Find solutions that fit your goals on your timeline.

1-on-1 Sessions

Experience personalized education and coaching with our 1-on-1 sessions, designed to address your unique needs and goals. Our exceptional 1-on-1 program allows us to use our pelvic floor expertise to create a tailored plan that targets your specific questions and concerns. From strengthening your pelvic floor to improving bowel movements, easing pain, and enhancing sexual pleasure, 1 Below has got your pelvic floor covered. Best of all, our sessions are conducted online, so you can enjoy the comfort and privacy of your own home. Don't suffer in silence any longer. Start your journey towards pelvic wellness today.



for a limited time only 

I had a fabulous experience with Britt...I had lots of homework exercises between sessions, and my symptoms have greatly diminished.

Cheryl f.

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