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Get to Know Me
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About me

Hello, I'm Britt, founder of 1 Below, a resource on all things pelvic floor. I am a passionate educator and clinician with more than 10+ years' experience in treating and teaching about pelvic floor dysfunction. I hold a Doctorate of Physical Therapy along with a Research Masters in the study of pelvic floor neuromuscular control. I am a Board-Certified Orthopaedic Clinicial Specialist through the American Physical Therapy Association and a Certified Functional Manual Therapist through the Institute of Physical Art. I began my career as a Pilates instructor, which I also integrate into my courses to help clients better connect with their bodies.

my passion

I love the pelvic floor and love getting other people excited about the pelvic floor. I love teaching. I enjoy taking (seemingly) complicated concepts and breaking them down so that clients can make the ideas their own. I love working with and educating clinicians about how to best care for their patients with pelvic floors (psst...that's everyone). I want to demystify the pelvic floor and make this knowledge accessible to everybody. 


Why 1 Below?

I am a mother. Going through pregnancy, birth and postpartum, especially in a foreign country, helped me see how little support and knowledge mothers are given regarding how to care for their bodies. I wanted to make a change and so 1 Below was born.


the revolution

This is a cultural change - a pelvic floor revolution. I want people to understand and feel free to talk about their pelvic floors. I want pelvic floor knowledge to be accessible and accurate. When this happens, all people (especially mothers) can live fuller, more empowered lives. 


EU +31 (0)6 4908 1639

US     +1 415 799 7592

1 Below

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