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Pelvic Floor Learn Better Birthing

Learning Better Birthing is a 2-hour IN-PERSON workshop in which you will learn about your pelvic floor and how to best prepare for a better birth. This course can be taken as a refresher after Prenatal Foundations or as a stand alone class. Partners are also welcome to join. Remote attendance also possible.

You will leave the course with confidence and a better understanding of how to support your pelvic floor health during pregnancy and birth.


What will you Learn in Better Birthing?

First hour: Get to know your postpartum pelvic floor

  • Discover the anatomy of your pelvic floor

  • Learn what your pelvic floor muscles do

  • Understand how the pelvic floor changes during pregnancy and during birth

Second hour: Better Birthing

  • Discover the better way to 'push'

  • Learn about exercises and tools to help connect and prepare your pelvic floor for labor and birth

  • Practice stretches and positioning to aid in pelvic floor mobility for birth

  • Understand how to best care for your pelvic floor postpartum

  • Gain confidence in your body and your pelvic floor

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