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Are you still curious about something but can't seem to find the answer you're looking for? Check out the information below to see if we've already addressed your question. If not, don't hesitate to contact us directly or book a free discovery call. We're happy to help!

  • Why the name 1 Below?
    When people talk about problems with bowel, bladder or sexual function, they usually say something like, 'I'm having problems with my downstairs'. Well, to get 'downstairs', you go 1 floor below. To take this metaphor a bit further...sometimes it can be a bit dark 'downstairs', so you don't want to go there alone. 1 Below's mission is to 'turn on the light' and help people feel confident about their 'downstairs'. Check out our Blog to learn more.
  • So 1 Below works with men too?
    Yes, people with penises have pelvic floors too. All people deserve to thrive, especially when it comes to pelvic health, so of course we are happy to help men too!
  • Does 1 Below work with people who aren't pregnant or postpartum?
    Absolutely! We work with all individuals who have a pelvic floor- that's means everyone- including you. We believe everyone deserves the right to understand their body and have optimal pelvic health. Book a free Pelvic Wellness Check-In to learn more and start your journey to pelvic wellness today.
  • What are Britt's qualifications?
    Britt has a clinical doctorate in physiotherapy along with specializations in manual, orthopedic, and pelvic health physiotherapy. She has spent more than 10 years teaching general orthopedic and pelvic floor curriculum at the university level. She recently completed a Research Masters in Human Movement Sciences focusing on changes in pelvic floor muscle motor control during transcranial magnetic stimulation. Over the past 10 years she has worked with patients with a range of pelvic floor complaints including: incontinence, urgency, constipation, pain/discomfort with sex or pretty much anything you can think of. Here's the specifics: Academics: Research Masters Human Movement Sciences, Vrije University, 2022 Doctor of Physical Therapy, Samuel Merritt University, 2013 Certifications: Board Certified Orthopaedic Clinical Specialist, American Association of Physical Therapy, 2019 Certified Functional Manual Therapist, Institute of Physical Art, 2017 Pelvic Floor Clinical Specialist, Pelvic Health and Rehab Center, 2015 Certified Pilates Instructor, Ellie Herman Studios, 2009
  • I'm in the US, can you be my pelvic floor physical therapist?
    Definitely, I am happy to be your pelvic floor physical therapist. I am a licensed PT in the US.
  • Spreek je Nederlands?
    Ja, ik spreek redelijk goed Nederlands. Ik ben bezig met het proces om mijn fysiotherapie licentie hier in Nederland te laten erkennen. Ik hoop eind 2023 of begin 2024 geregistreerd te zijn bij het BIG-register.
  • I'm in the Netherlands, can you be my pelvic floor physiotherapist (bekkenbodemfysiotherapeut)?
    Unfortunately, no. I am not currently licensed in the Netherlands to work as a pelvic floor physiotherapist. Instead, I provide education and coaching about how to improve your pelvic wellness. If you require hands-on assessment and treatment, then I refer you to a local licensed physiotherapist who I work closely with help you achieve your goals.

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