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Pelvic Floor
Education & Training

Empowering women by providing accessible and accurate pelvic health education. Revolutionizing the way we understand and treat our bodies.



Britt van Hees,

Pelvic Floor Expert

I am passionate about educating people about the pelvic floor. From my experience as a clinician and researcher I have developed high-quality relatable courses that teach women and clinicians how to best care for themselves and their patients. 


Pelvic Floor Education & Training



Get personalized education and training for your pelvic floor.


Join a workshop with other moms and learn how to better care for your pelvic floor


Clients Recommend

Heather H.

"Britt's incredible! Very personable and fun, easy to talk to. She's extremely knowledgable and constantly learning more by going to conferences and reading up on the latest studies. She has an incredible holistic sense of how the body works: musculature, bones, nerves, digestive system, hormones, the whole shebang...

Highly recommended."

Eden T.

“Britt is extremely knowledgeable, professional, and always makes me feel comfortable. I came to Britt feeling hopeless and in fear that I would live in pain the rest of my life and now I know with her help I will soon be completely pain free.”

Leanne T.

“What Britt suggested for me at home was so useful... I finally know how to do a proper kegel; something that should be taught in all high school health classes. I wish that I had known about this support years ago. Every woman who has had a baby should be assigned a "cooch coach"; just like the women in France.”

EU +31 (0)6 4908 1639

US     +1 415 799 7592

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