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Reconnecting After Cesarean Birth
Reconnecting After Cesarean Birth

Saturday 11-12:30, Fall 2023, Date TBD, €75



Reconnecting After Cesarean Birth

Join us for our special workshop to learn how cesarean birth impacts your brain and your body. You'll learn techniques to address scar pain and sensitivity, along with ways to reconnect, breathe and build strength again. PLUS enjoy a FREE 30-min online small group session- a €50 VALUE!

Time & Location

Saturday 11-12:30, Fall 2023, Date TBD, €75



About the event

Join us for Healing After Cesarean Birth, a workshop especially made for C-section Mamas. You'll learn tangible ways to reconnect with your body and support your recovery after cesarean delivery. Whether you have recently (or not so recently) given birth via C-section, it’s never too late (or too early) to take care of yourself.

➕PLUS, when you join the Reconnecting After Cesarean Birth workshop you'll receive a FREE 30-min online small group session (a €50 VALUE)- to follow-up within 3 months after the workshop regarding any questions or concerns you may have. Pretty great right 😉!

After the Reconnecting After Cesarean Birth workshop you will learn the:

  • Anatomy of c-section birth
  • Method of developing your own c-section sensory map
  • Causes c-section scar discomfort and problems
  • Scar massage and desensitization techniques to directly address any pain or sensitivity
  • Exercises to restore abdominal strength and mobility

The Reconnecting After Cesarean Birth workshop is for anyone who:

  • Has given birth via cesarean delivery
  • Experiences scar tightness or pain
  • Experiences problems with their bowel, bladder or sex function
  • Is unable to fully do exercise or activities due to scar discomfort
  • Has developed an aversion to touching their scar
  • Wants to (re)connect with their body and pelvic health

About your teacher:

Britt is a pelvic floor physiotherapist, researcher and mother. She has specialized in pelvic floor health the last 10 years- treating in the clinic, teaching at university and now developing relevant and educational workshops for people to connect with and learn about their pelvic floors. Britt is passionate about empowering everybody with a pelvis- yes, that's you! - to live pain-free pelvic-happy lives.

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